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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tagged by Michelle

Michelle, this one is for you...

The Rules:

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1. I wish I'm more eloquent in telling others about the gospel.
Though many friends have often considered me a great public speaker, I find myself often lost at words when trying to share the good news of Christ with friends and family. I've taken up the course "Two Ways To Live" to better equip myself but feel that I can still do better, especially when I wonder when the "right" time to tell is. Please pray with me that God may grant me the courage and opportunity to share the gospel with others that they too may be saved and be adopted into His glorious kingdom.

2. I'm a chocolate addict but don't fancy candies as much.
Unlike most choc addicts who prefer dark choc, I give the thumbs up to milk choc - probably due to its smooth and not-so-bitter flavour. That said, I crave choc fondue and brownies (though they tend to use more dark choc) but am not a big fan of normal simple choc ice-cream. White chocs are ok for me too but they tend to be a little too sweet. This brings me to the next point that candies aren't fancied as much coz they can be a tad too sweet at times and don't bring me the same satisfaction as chocs do (I can have choc every day and not get sick of it). And I would rather have the choc after a meal than before - it's a form of dessert treat which wouldn't taste as great on an empty stomach. What a picky chocoholic I am! =P

3. I'm traumatophobic.
That's right - I'm afraid of injuring myself. Sure, everyone has injured him/herself before but I'm not talking about your typical I-fell-and-scratched-my-knee-today kind of injury. Imagine jumping off the school building because you're locked within (sigh, it's a super long story dating back to my Form 1 days) and ending up with a chest that hurts every time I talk or cough or hiccup. Or what about dislocating your patella (or for the layman, the kneecap) while clubbing on the first day of your uni's orientation week? It felt just like a bottle cap which flew off tangent because it has been unscrewed too quickly with way too much force! And these aren't the only "notable" injuries I've ever had... Sometimes when I'm on the top floor in a shopping mall, I often wonder how shattered my body will end up to be if I should topple over the railing and tumble all the way down - this scary thought is more than enough to keep me off the rails! >.<

4. I had a near-death experience when I was 17.

Don't worry, I wasn't pronounced dead only to wake up seconds later to report to the entire world that I saw a vision of the after-life. What happened was that a few friends and I were heading to our Bible Knowledge teacher's house to prepare for a quiz and we were trying to cross a busy street, which unfortunately did not have a pedestrian bridge nearby. Despite practising the "look left, then right, then left again" that we've been taught countless of times when we were still mere innocent children, a blind spot got the better of us when a motorbike sped right across just as I took a step forward. I'm not lying when I say that the moment felt so surreal, just like one of those scenes you see in a movie but never personally experienced before - I bet my heart skipped a beat. My friends held me back and kept asking me if I was alright. I was sure that a few of my toes had undergone involuntary amputation at the very least, if not the entire limb. But lo and behold, I did not suffer even a single scratch or bruise but only missed the motorbike hitting my entire body straight on by only millimetres - what a miracle!. Praise God for that! =)

5. I suffer from palmar and plantar hyperhydrosis.

By now, you must be thinking: "Jeez, Jane sure has got heaps of problems with her health and overall well-being." Well, I can't blame you if you think so but sometimes, I really can't help it, especially if it's not something I can prevent or have a say in. Such as hyperhydrosis. It's an in-born medical condition where the person affected perspires excessively - in my case, it's my palms and soles (hence, palmar and plantar)... It can be embarrassing at times when the plan to initiate a handshake during an interview to demonstrate confidence backfires when the interviewer asks, "Are you nervous?" Friends sometimes go, "Eww, your hands are so cold and clammy!". And the attempt to explain matters always gets interrupted by "Hyper-what?". Parents used to make me wear socks at home so as not to "wet" the marble floor. Thank goodness Aussieland's cooler climate has reduced the symptoms significantly but sadly, I can't say the same for Malaysia's tropical weather... =(

6. I admire personalities like Helen Keller.
Here is one who is blind, deaf and mute, yet is a teacher to students who can see, listen and speak. And how is this possible? Pure sheer will - the simple determination to go on and not give up. If everyone is as optimistic and determined, this world would have been a better place... Trusting my dad's timeless saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way."

7. I'm a hopeless romantic.
Ok, here comes confession time: I listen to love songs and ponder over each and every line of the lyrics. I often daydream away, planting myself in the shoes of Pride & Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennet and waiting for my dear Darcy to come along and sweep me off my feet. I read Nicholas Sparks' novels and wonder why there aren't more such romantic guys out there in this world. Sigh, the reality of life tells me to give up looking for that Mr Perfect and just settle for the Mr Average Guy but the hopeless romantic in me screams, "No! Be patient and wait - he will come." And the conservative me wishes that should such a Mr Perfect come along, he makes the first move (and makes it clear!) rather than leave me questioning and puzzled with the hints (or not!) he drops. Oh well, we shall just wait and see... As my mum used to sing to me, "Que sera sera, whatever will be will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera sera, what will be will be."

8. I absolutely love the colour purple.
It's undeniable. Ever since I was placed in Rumah Unggul (the purple sports house in my secondary school) 9 years ago, I've developed a sudden craze for everything purple and the craze hasn't ended as yet (and I don't see it ending anytime soon either). At any one time, I'm bound to have at least one purple item with me, be it my glasses, my watch, my file case, my bag, my water bottle, my fill-in-the-blank... My ultimate favourite shades of purple? Either lavender or metallic purple... ^_^

With these 8 random facts, maybe you'll know me better, maybe not. Either way, I hope it makes an interesting read to you. Here are the 8 bloggers-in-arms whom I'm tagging:

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When you guys are done with the tag, do tell me. And to those who are interested but not listed, you're more than welcome to do the tag too and let me know! Happy tagging! =)

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