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Monday, March 21, 2011

Luke 2:1-52 ~ The One

Many infamous trilogies (e.g. Star Wars, The Matrix) usually have a similar plot where certain oracles are prophesied, looking for 'The One'. What about the oracles of the Bible? 'The One' is one who is filled with righteousness and wisdom (Exodus 13:15, Leviticus 12:7, Proverbs 3:3), bringing peace and light (Isaiah 8:13, Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 49:6, Isaiah 52:9), and hailing from Galilee and Bethlehem (Isaiah 9:1, Micah 5:2).

The birth of Jesus was indeed a humble one. Joseph was originally from the city of David (verse 4) and it was there in Bethlehem that Jesus was born and laid in a manger (verse 7) since the family had no place to stay, being 'nobodies'. That said, His birth was celebrated by a multitude of heavenly host praising God (verse 13) and the angels even gave the shepherds the sign of a baby lying in a manger as the Saviour who is born into the world (verses 8-20). Up to this point in Luke 2, here are the oracles fulfilled thus far:

- v4: Bethlehem (Micah 5:2)
- v4: Line of David (Isaiah 9:6)
- v10: Good news and joy (Isaiah 52:9)
- v11: Saviour born in city of David (Micah 5:2)
- v14: Peace on earth (Isaiah 9:6)

The rest of Luke 2 (from verse 22 onwards) describes Jesus' childhood. Various customs of the law (verses 22-24, 27, 39, 42) were observed and fulfilled by Jesus. Simeon the devout Jew and Anna the prophetess have both also praised God for Jesus, whom they knew would bring salvation and redemption (verses 25-38). It then comes as no surprise to note how Jesus grew in wisdom and favour, both with God and man (verses 40 and 52). The more significant highlight would be Jesus' own consciousness of being the very Son of God, even at so young an age, when he called the temple "my Father's house" (verse 49). The description of the childhood of Jesus has so far fulfilled the following oracles:

- v22-24: Sacrifice and redemption of firstborn and turtledoves for purification (Exodus 13:15 and Leviticus 12:7)
- v25: Simeon waiting for consolation of Israel (Isaiah 52:9)
- v29-30: Peace / salvation (Isaiah 9:6)
- v32: Light for Gentiles (Isaiah 49:6)
- v34: Fall and rising of many (Isaiah 8:13)
- v38: Redemption of Jerusalem (Isaiah 52:9)
- v39: Galilee their hometown (Isaiah 9:1)

God is indeed so sovereign that He should even control Caesar Augustus to make the decree that caused Jesus' earthly parents to move from one town to another, fulfilling some of the oracles made in the past. His salvation plan for mankind may have caused confusion in the past, experienced by different parties as wondering (verse 18), pondering (verse 19), marvel (verse 33) and the lack of understanding (verse 50). But unlike those living in Jesus' times, we are no longer 'short-sighted' as we now have the complete picture of God's salvation plan through Jesus Christ who fulfilled prophecies of the Scriptures by dying on the cross and resurrecting three days later that He may conquer sin and be ruler of not just Israel but the whole world (Luke 24:44-47).

Jesus Christ is The One.

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