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Friday, August 25, 2006

Medshow 2006: The Phantom of the OR

On the 18th of August, 2006, a group of highly talented (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but hey, we did a fantastic job!) medical students put up the greatest musical ever in history (we broke records by selling out even 1 week before showtime!) in the name of charity (proceeds went to Giant Steps, an independently-run school for autistic kids)...

And Medshow 2006: The Phantom of the OR was conceived! (In case you're not a med-related person, OR stands for Operating Room)...

Here are some photos taken from the night when the Sir John Clancy Auditorium was filled to the max with 1000 people... (a list of really quotable quotes follows after all the photos!)

The opening number of Hospital Vaudeville...

Your team of "efficient" doctors (one's efficient in hooking up, another at escaping duties, one at acting ("Dr George Clooney"), another at getting his labcoat really "shitty" and one at rushing patients; guess who's who)...

The hot, sexy nurses (including a gay in skirts!)

Me (acting as "Fei Fei", a medical student from China who's trying to be "Aussie") fighting with the nerdy "Mervin", another "medical student", over our tutor's ("Dr Ingrid Upton") underwear...

Yet another "medical student", the nature-loving dendrophiliac "Sheila", admiring the "Phantom of the OR" in awe (she has yet to find out that he's gay too!)...

Me ("Fei Fei") in my Aussie akubra hat with corks, clutching the "good skippy" (kangaroo), approaching the cynical patient of "Mr Monty Montgomery" who claimed to have fallen while riding his horse in the bathroom just to escape his wife at home...

A typical scene in the "hospital"... Oh, and that's "Dr Ingrid Upton", she's very "efficient" too... at dressing up badly to "impress" "Dr Stan Valentino"...

And here's "Dr Stan Valentino" dancing the salsa with "Pretty Lady"...

Singers in black... (too bad, no one captured a shot of the fantastic live band we had!)

The medley finale...

After the show... L-R: Me, David (the videoman who captured all the "happenings" backstage), Nick (Medsoc's President - he joined the "striptease"... yes, there was a STRIPTEASE!) and Ping (despite being in 3rd year, she still had time to do most of the dances!)

Another "after the show" shot... L-R: Me (duh!), Dev (he's the "gastroenterologist" who had to chase "naked" me across the stage) and Guang (the ER doctor who had to yell for lazy surgeons to come to the rescue)

It was one "fantabulous" (fantastic + fabulous) night of mystery, murder, love, sarcasm, anger, revenge and just about any emotion you can think of blended into one "fantabulous" musical running for 2.5-3 hours! There were awesome dances (chorea, hip hop, striptease, ballet, broadway, etc.) and songs all choreographed, written and composed by med students ourselves! Everyone was great from the producers right down to tech crew... Some quotable quotes from Medshow 2006:

Dr Stan Valentino to Pretty Lady: I may be a "STUD" but without "U", all I have is "STD"

Phantom of the OR to Sheila (in reference to him being gay): What I want, you don't have... Don't wear these tights for nothing!

Mr Monty Montgomery to medical students (when asked about the symptoms he's experiencing): I'm already 85. What symptoms aren't I experiencing? You name it: [one whole long list all in one breath - the audience roared!]... [followed by a pause]... come to think of it, shortness of breath. Oh, my memory's failing me too. It all started... what were you asking again?

Mutthiah (she's Mervin's insane Indian mother who loves spying on her son using the "traditional Boolywood method"; Sally, an Aussie gal, did us proud with her Indian imitations!): Not this Dr Upton again!
Mervin: But mother, it's the first time I mentioned her!
Mutthiah: I know! But I checked your timetable and I Googled her and do you know what I've found?
Mervin: What?
Mutthiah: Well, the Google Safe Search wouldn't tell me... but I'm sure it's pornographic!

Mutthiah (another scene): Mervin, why must you plague me so? "Oh mother, I don't wanna learn Indian dance! Oh mother, I don't wanna work in Microsoft Call Centre! Oh mother, I don't wanna wear sari!" Mervin, why don't you thrust that cricket bat you despise so much into my already breaking heart?

Of course, yours truly had a "quotable quote" too... This one got the whole audience laughing like mad! Seriously!

Fei Fei in response to Mervin and Sheila's greetings (looking at dictionary): G'day mate... [pronounced as "Good to die, mate]... G'day: Australian slang for hello... Mate: breeding partner in... Sex or wedlock?! Wah, I not that type of girl! Me Chinese, not Thai!

And the part when I was chased by the "gastroenterologist"?

Gastroenterologist: But you already consented to colonoscopy!
Fei Fei: But... but... but I already pass through customs!

Haha, with all these quotes, you now have a rough idea on how "insane" Medshow 2006 was, eh? It only goes to explain why Medshow-ers (or as we call it, showsters) everywhere are suffering from the incurable withdrawal disease following the closing finale of The Phantom of the OR...

To wrap up this really long post, here's a photo of me having a shot at stardom with Lou Lynn posing with the "star" (me, haha!) and Eunice "acting" like she's "starstruck" or admiring the "star"... :p

Viva Medshow 2006!

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