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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Like I've previously mentioned in my last post, I'm totally obsessed with Neopets now... And you (yes, YOU!) can get in all the fun and craze too! All you've got to do is follow 3 easy steps:

1. Click on the link provided (either the badge I posted below, the 'Neopets' in my link section or the 'Neopets: Where Magic Begins' icon before the tagboard).

2. Register yourself.

3. Play Neopets!

It's that simple! And if you do all 3 steps (especially the 1st one-it has me as the referral), you can actually assist me in certain Neopets quests! So, why not lend me a helping hand while enjoying yourself?

What are you waiting for? Click that mouse now! :)


Wednesday, December 21, 2005


There is only one reason as to why I've not been posting lately...


I've realized an unusual pattern in my life all these years. I tend to be engrossed in certain activities for a certain period of time. And all of a sudden, my interest will abruptly die away. Take for example, blogging. When I first started out, I was all excited and would plan the following post before its time... But if you've noticed my blogging pattern, you would realize that the 'every other day' affair has turned into 'once a week' thing which now is slowly becoming 'because I started it so I must continue' obligatory blogging...

You may then question, "So, what are you currently obsessed with?"

If I were to reply, "Work.", what would be your response?

"Poor girl. Absolutely no life..."

Is that it? Well, though some people may say obsessions are with things that you truly enjoy, I beg to differ. Obsessions are also with matters that you're engrossed in, not necessarily out of pleasure, but sometimes also out of duty and responsibility. That's why my current job is holding a leash back on me...

But talking about obsessions that revolve around matters that I truly enjoy, friends and family would be one of them. Toastmasters, another. And the latest? My sudden interest in Neopets.

So, what have you been obsessed with lately?

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