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Monday, September 26, 2005


The 2nd Malaysian Idol has just been crowned: Daniel.

Still, I felt thoroughly disturbed by it. Shouldn't it be Nita instead? But no, Malaysia has decided to go for "cute boy" looks for their next idol and disregard true talents. No offense intended to all you Daniel fans out there but I'm merely expressing my true opinions... And I also overheard someone saying,"We're voting for Daniel, not because of his looks nor voice, but because he's the only remaining Chinese in the contest...".

GROW UP!!! First, you go for looks. Now, it's a matter of racism. Eventhough I'm Chinese myself, I'm ashamed to have a Chinese idol whose voice pales besides that of Nita and whose English diction will probably be his downfall in World Idol. Sigh, what would the world think of us?! That Malaysia's best singer can't even string an English song properly?!

True, they have both improved the most throughout the season but nevertheless, we should view from the finals' angle itself. Daniel has been criticised by Paul Moss (i.e. Malaysia's version of Simon Cowell) for 2 out of 3 songs while Nita has earned praises for all 3 songs and not a single criticism from Paul! Even Roslan Aziz said, "Berikan saya satu sebab mengapa Nita tidak boleh menang." (Give me one reason why Nita can't win.) His confidence in Nita becoming the "next superstar" was shattered when the results were announced. It was absolutely clear that all 3 judges were disappointed though they tried hard to hide it while trying to be happy for Daniel.

Oh well, what can I say? If that's what Malaysia (with 1.2 million of you) wants for the 2nd Malaysian Idol, who am I (one of the 500000+) to judge?

There goes my RM0.50 for text-voting Nita...

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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Only one poem is all I need to describe my feelings now:

Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
Dearest Jane just want to play
Rain, rain, won't you go away?



Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Here I am, stranded all by myself, with friends flying off to other parts of the world, mainly UK. Just yesterday, Teck Jian and Jassie left for Cardiff while Aik Wye and Wen Yuen left for Nottingham in Semenyih... Sigh... The parting... I'm so gonna miss you guys...

Nevertheless, I still have fellow voyagers keeping me company. Like Li Yann, whom I still see nearly every day at work. And then, there are those who will be furthering their studies locally, mainly IMU, but has yet to leave e.g. Pui Fun and Sue Wen. At least, I won't be all alone for the next couple of months...

But come February 2006, I'll be leaving for UNSW and I won't be knowing a single soul there. Plus, no one else is coming with me. Once again, that leaves me...


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Friday, September 16, 2005


Ok, I may have mentioned this a few times before but hey, only verbally... This time, my ramblings go out to the entire universe... Muahaha... [evil cackle]

When you were in primary school, especially in Standard 6, did you not wish you were already done with your very 1st government exam i.e. UPSR? And that you can grow up to be more mature by leaving your childhood innocence back in primary school and step into the world of secondary school? Oh, and who can forget those leg-revealing shorts that the poor boys try to shy away from?

And just when you thought you can start afresh in secondary school, the shadow of PMR exam begins to lurk and trail after you. Suddenly, the longing begins again. You want to get rid of the PMR exam and party for one whole month after that before you move up the ladder to Form 4: the year that makes all the difference. The streaming process, that decides if you're one step closer to achieving your lifelong dream of becoming a , not only just paves your career path but also the pals who'll accompany you on your "mission" for the next 2 years...

Then, SPM, the greater foe, comes into the picture, substituting PMR that you've already defeated. You yell, "[censored]" but it makes no difference. And so, you plough your way through, praying hard that you'll still survive by the end of your "secondary school" journey.

No one can blame you the day you cried freedom upon entering college. Time to revamp yourself into a whole new you, eh? Hanging out with the coolest gang while strutting the "in" fashion but still impressing others by coming out top of the class... Sounds like a dream? Actually, more like a nightmare haunting you with the ugly truth, when you realize that only a selected few can manage it but not you... And when you think things are going to get better in university, boy, you're so wrong...

Sigh... Thinking of escaping it all by venturing out into the working world? Sounds like fun at first but it turns out to be a living hell... Ah, the salvation of retirement! With lots of pension coming away, you can finally live that idyllic life you've been dreaming of... But after a while, you get so bored and you wonder: What's next?

Such are human beings, never contented... The cycle's the same in every living soul:
Study-->More studies-->Working-->Retiring-->(I don't know what... Perhaps, death?)

Oh well, you decide the ending i.e. what's to be in the brackets... After all, it's merely one of my many ramblings... :p

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright

Tiger, tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?
William Blake
I have often marveled at how poets could work up a masterpiece with just a few lines. But no, this post has nothing to do with poems at all...
I was just searching for the "right" opening to complement my adoration for my one and only pet. Yes, you guessed it right...
My rekindled passion for revamping my blogspot has made me a hunter, searching for almost anything and everything, including a virtual pet. As a kid, I've never owned a pet, thanks to my parents worrying that I'll acquire some sort of allergy. To further prove their point, I was labeled as a child who still needs supervision, needless to say, I'm not responsible enough to take care of any pet.
That is, until now...
What I love about Tigerwoods (lol, I'm not obsessed with the titular golfer) is that, besides virtually not needing to mind his food, bath, etc., Tigerwoods makes such a lovable pet. When I open my blog, it's always there "playing" with me, "chasing" after the "mouse pointer" and "gnawing" its way through at times. It amuses me how such a small thing like a virtual pet can garner so much of my attention...
Tigerwoods, I love you!
P.s. Any pet-related stories you want to share?


A New Day

A new day, a new beginning...

Yup, as some of you may have probably guessed, I'm finally reviving my blogspot. More like, resurrection, after being "dead" for nearly a year... So, keep those comments rolling in and link me if you wish...

Till then, enjoy "the new day"! ^_^