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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Memories... (Part 3)

As promised, another dose of memories...

The Colgate Ambassadors (Teck Jian & I happy with the new labs...)

Fellowship of the Phones (Cute shot taken in the reading room while my pals & I decided to take a break from studying for our exams...)

Germaine: I see a bird! I see a plane! No, I see a 'leng chai' walking down the stairs!
Me: Germaine! What are you doing behind me when I'm taking a shot? And Wen! How did you focus the camera?!?

Cheers! (Ashwin & I drinking to our success at the area level speech contests.)

One for the album (At last year's scholarship ceremony... Notice how Li Yann has cleverly stood out among the rest of us by wearing a white top...)

There you have it! I may or may not be posting a Part 4... But do let me know what you think! Roll in your comments or simply tag! :p

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Memories... (Part 2)

More memories...

The Mad Scientist Rockers Band (Featuring Sean & I)

Three Times A Lady (Pui Fun, why are you standing between my 'wife', Wen, and I? Just kidding.. Lol, I'm not lesbian... :p )

May the force be with you (Hehe, Aik Wye & his Hitler/Nazi salute)

The tall & the short (Suria KLCC has suddenly become taller than the twin towers by its sides... Jassie & I vertically challenged by Aik Wye)

Teck Jian: Look at my strong muscles. Don't you just admire them?
Me: Yeah right... (with a pinch of sarcasm)

Watch out for yet another episode of more memories to come in Part 3... ^_^

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Memories... (Part 1)

A picture paints a thousand words... Here are several thousand words depicted in photos of some of my fondest memories...

The 3 Musketeers (L-R: Shir Li, Siew Sian & yours truly @ Chili's, KLCC)

The Pizza Gang ( "The Gang" & Ms Ng @ Pizza Hut after our very last A-Levels chemistry class)

Charlie's Angels & Their Bodyguards (Fooling around in the Reading Room with Jassie, Lydia, Teck Jian & Aik Wye)

Statistically speaking, the probability of all smiles is 100%! (Satisfaction guaranteed @ Ms Aw's statistics class)

We did it! (A-Levels students rejoicing at their string of straight A's)

Look out for more sizzling poses in Part 2... :p

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Thinking On Your Feet

How many times have you encountered a situation where you are suddenly in the 'spot' and your impromptu speaking skills are put to the test? Well, the answer's likely to be more than once. Hence, impromptu speaking skills were 'dispensed' to fellow participants of the HELP University College Toastmasters Club & Public Relations Organization's Public Speaking Workshop on the fateful Saturday of 29th October by none other than yours truly...

By request of a friend, KL, who's so kindly shot some photos that I may blog about it, here's a sneak peek at the workshop:

"Open your mouth and sing O, o, o." No, we're not having a singing class here...

"Stop looking at the powerpoint presentation! Look at me! Hey, you 3 stooges over there! The auditorium isn't your bedroom, you know..." Yeah, right... I'll probably be thrown out before I can finish off that sentence...

"Presenting a HELP alumni member, the self-proclaimed Richard Gere of Dennis Wee!" Honestly, Dennis compares himself to the aging sexy actor... in terms of work! Ask him!

There you go, some crazy antics you'll never find in any other workshop... And oh yeah, did I mention Uan Yin actually typed out PULIC SPEAKING WORKSHOP on the certificates? Now, wonder what the reaction may be if she had left the L instead of the B... :p

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