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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back in Sydney!

Back in Sydney since yesterday. Weather's crazily hot when there's no cloud to block the sunshine (I think I'm going to get tanned soon - and to think it took me 3 months back in Malaysia to lose the tan!) but not that bad when there's that nice cloud (not the dark, rainy type) and the breeze gently blowing your way. Settled quite a bit of things but have yet to unpack since I can't move into Basser due to the renovations - gone to Basser today and checked it out; the renovations have done the rooms some good! And I'll also be getting my first preference of room that I listed down in the room allocation form last year (heard from seniors that sometimes you can't even get your 12th preference!) - yay! ^_^ Bigger room (about twice the size of my previous room), nice big wash basin, double wardrobe (woohoo!), new table (no more wood-carved and marker pen graffiti!), new bookshelves, fresh coat of paint, new carpet, new curtains, new windows - I guess I need not describe anymore to tell you how much have changed and how pleased I am! And thank goodness my room's done with the renovation (it's just some other rooms) and according to Geoff, the head of college (ok, probably I should address him as Dr Geoffrey Treloar but everyone calls him Geoff anyway - Aussies have a culture where they just address the staff or lecturer by their first name - and the short form of it too!), the bathroom near my room should be done with the renovations by the time I move back in (yay!). Pity, though, for those who still have to bear with the unfinished renovations when all the seniors move back in this Sunday. Enough banter - I'll try to post soon the "before and after" shots of Basser rooms (i.e. my previous room last year and my senior's room this year - note the tone of glee at the word senior... Lol, time really flies fast - I can still remember my first day in Sydney and at the wink of an eye (ok, maybe not that fast but hey, literally speaking!), I'm back again to kick off 2nd year - hopefully I'll be able to do better this time around, now that I'm getting the hang of uni... In the meanwhile, praise the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful sis-in-Christ like Jean who has let me bunk in her place (lol, she let me sleep on her bed while she sleeps on her huge beanbag - so paiseh, man... >.<) while waiting to get back to Basser... Ah, I think I've ranted enough for today - time to go open up the huge stack of mails I received in Sydney while I was away back home... *tired*

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

More on Table For Two...

Haha, after reading Michelle's blog, I felt like I need to update my "curious" friends with the newspaper links since not everyone will be laying their hands on a copy of the papers today - come on, admit it, you guys are busy collecting ang pows, eh? :p

So, here's the link to yesterday's news: "When StarEducation plays matchmaker"

And here's the link to today's ones:
"A dip into romance" and "Of choc and chat"

Ah, I guess these 3 links are more than sufficient to keep you all occupied... :)

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Table For Two

As some of you may have known, I recently took part in Star Education's "Table For Two" contest and was selected as one of the winners for a blind date on Valentine's Day. The date was in Chocz, KLCC where 10 of us (5 guys and 5 gals) were treated to chocolate fondue. We started off with a round of speed dating where the poor guys have to shift from on table to the other every 5 minutes. At the end of it, we were then told by The Star's staff as to who our date of night is, which is followed by the date itself with the chocolate fondue that lasted about an hour or so. When it was finally over, everyone exchanged gifts and contact details, not forgetting to capture shots... Speaking of which, here are some for you to peruse...

My date, Ahmed, and I

The question slips that the Star provided in case we ran out of topics...

The chocolate fondue with fruit platter

Valentine gifts from Ahmed...

Lian Meng, my senior from high school, was selected too!

Quan Ming's from DJ too! Small world, eh?

Lol, Jan Leong, you should have gone to study med too instead of underestimating yourself! :p

Michelle and Serena, it was great knowing you gals!

All 10 of us! ^_^
(Gals: Masami, Serena, Michelle, Joo Lee, me. Guys: Ahmed, Lian Meng, Quan Ming, Lead Choon and Jan Leong)

Interested to read more? Why not check out what Star Education wrote about us? Check it out here... And if you're still curious, go get the Star this Sunday (1st day of CNY) - I wonder what the journalists wrote about us... Hmm... <staring blankly ahead while mind wanders off...>

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's been a while...

Hehe, I know I've been "guilty" of "killing" my blog... Yeah, I've been preoccupied with an online general education course while planning for my negotiated assignment this coming semester plus heaps of other stuff - I still can't believe that I've less time to blog during hols! Anyway, I'll be updating this blog within these few days with the "promised" Valentine blind date post that many of you have insisted - don't tease me ya? Ta for now! ^_^